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Robert "Bob" Cupp


Robert "Bob" Cupp

Robert A. “Bob” Cupp enters the Butler County Bowling Association Bowling Hall of Fame based on meritorious service to organized bowling in Butler County.

Cupp has been a member for the BCBA member for 26 years and active in bowling for 36 years. Cupp was a BCBA Director from 1991-1995, during which he was public relations chari for three years and co-chair of the 1994 PSBA tournament held in Butler County. For this tournament, he created a logo contest through the local school and displayed at the Clearview Mall in Butler.

Cupp is currently the Vice President of the Butler City League and the president of the Casino League. He has also held the offices of Secretary-Treasurer for the Commercial League (1996-2000) and President of the Guys N Gals League for six years. As part of his youth bowling, Cupp served as YBA President for three years and Secretary for two years.

Cupp created and conducted the WBUT Championship Bowling tournament from 1998-2004. He held Sunday participants for the radio broadcast from numerous local bowling facilities. In addition, Cupp promoted area bowling events and bowler achievements by broadcasting them on local radio. Cupp assisted weekly with the 1994 PSBA tournament and also put together trips for 20 bowlers to national tournaments in Reno and Syracuse.

In 1999, Cupp received two prestigious awards-the Ike Pawk Bowler of the Year award and the PBA Media Award for Promotion.

Cupp is the Program and Sports Director/Morning Show Host for the Butler Media Group. He and he wife, Betsy, live in Butler along with their sons, R.J and Jeffrey.

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