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“My father was an entrepreneur and go-getter,” Joe Caparosa, Jr., current co-owner said. “He was always building new businesses and finding new ways to make Butler better.”


In 1954, a customer approached Joe Caparosa, Sr., founder of Family Bowlaway, “Can you teach my son to bowl?”


Family Bowlaway’s history and involvement in the community began when Joe Caparosa, Sr., bought Penn Lanes, a 10-lane bowling alley that employed “pin boys” who reset every pin by hand. At that time, it was a small second-story bowling alley across from Penn Theater, a cinema on Main Street, Butler, Pennsylvania.


More than sixty years ago at his first bowling alley, Caparosa taught one special needs child to bowl, creating the oldest Special Olympics bowling program in the country. Today, Family Bowlaway Fun Center hosts more than 120 special needs individuals most Friday afternoons.


In 1956, the Caparosa family built a new bowling alley featuring 16 lanes named Bowlaway Lanes. The building still stands today but is now called “Just What The Doctor Ordered,” a health and medical supply store.



“My father was an entrepreneur and go-getter,” Joe Caparosa, Jr., current co-owner said. “He was always building new businesses and finding new ways to make Butler better.”




In 1963, Joe Caparosa, Sr., added a second location up the hill from the original Bowlaway Lanes, called Bowlaway Annex. This addition included 12 lanes, a pool table, and new state-of-the-art bowling machines. A few years later after obtaining a liquor license, a small bar and restaurant were added: the original 11th Frame. More lanes were added in 1970. In 1973, there was a fire that badly damaged the building.


At that time, the decision was made to rebuild the bar, but the bowling center was eliminated. Out of the tragedy, the 11th Frame took over the space that the lanes had occupied and was transformed from a simple bar to a large facility that could handle close to 1,000 people. It was a great spot for nightlife and became increasingly popular with a wide variety of well-known bands who performed there.


The 11th Frame was destroyed by a second fire in 1975. The facility was rebuilt and resold several years later to a local couple that renamed it “Tanglewood” and operated it as a banquet facility. Years later, it was resold to a senior citizen group.


Then in 1978, Joe Caparosa, Jr., joined his father to help run Bowlaway Lanes for about five years. In 1983, they purchased Family Lanes and moved their equipment from Hansen Avenue to Route 8. A year later, Kevin Caparosa, son of Joe Caparosa, Sr., joined the family business.


In 1992, the Caparosa brothers built the final location of Family Bowlaway on Fairground Hill Road in Butler, PA. With an acquired liquor license and the new bar in place, the Spare Time Lounge had come to life.


About five years later, the laser tag arena and various other party rooms were added to the center. With the addition of the various entertainment venues, it was decided that Family Bowlaway would now be called Family Bowlaway Fun Center.



Unfortunately, in 2012, Joe Caparosa, Sr., passed away. With his passing, Joe, Jr., and Kevin decided it was time to rebuild and renovate the Spare Time Lounge in their father’s honor. The bar was renamed the 11th Frame Bar and Grille and underwent open construction for about five months. During the renovation, the Caparosa brothers proudly kept their Butler roots by strictly using local contractors throughout the process.


The bar officially opened its doors in 2014 to the Butler community. Now, the 11th Frame Bar and Grille is home to 40 beers on tap and offers various food and drink specials almost every day of the week. Featuring an exclusive catering menu, the 11th Frame Bar and Grille also hosts small-to-large-scale events.


The Caparosa brothers take great pride in their establishments. Family Bowlaway Fun Center and 11th Frame Bar and Grille offer first-class customer service in a modern family-friendly atmosphere where memories are created “by our family, for your family.”



In 2018, twelve bowling lanes were removed and Family Bowlaway became a twenty-eight lane center. In July of 2019 The BackAlley hosted its grand opening. This unique space was constructed using many materials from the bowling lanes and local businesses in Butler, PA. The construction of the industrial space included many Butler County businesses. In addition to the businesses that created this space, many businesses celebrate their employees with this space as well. Providing a modern and interactive space many family celebrations, corporate parties, and weddings reserve The BackALley. Creating this space is a tribute to the Caparosa family history, catering, and events in previous locations. 


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