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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!
In this newsletter:

  • Hall of Fame Banquet and Clinic Report

  • Youth Tournament Information

  • Current and Upcoming Tournaments

  • Coach’s Tip

  • Meet the board

  • High and Honor Scores

Hall of Fame Banquet and Clinic:
I want to start off with a report of the clinic hosted by Kelly Kulick.  The clinic was held at Family Bowlaway.  We had a very good cross section of the association represented.  We had youth bowlers, seniors, women, typical league bowlers and even several members of the Hall of Fame.  Kelly started out with a lecture which, at least for me, gave me a new perception of how to play the sport.  She then had the participants work on several practice drills to emphasize her point. She then worked with everyone to correct flaws in their game and to suggest alternate processes. 
The final training she conducted was how to cover the 10 pin spare.  No, I’m not going to tell you what she said because I bowl against some of you, and I need all the advantage I can get.  The attendees appreciated this tip.
The hall of Fame Banquet was held at the Callery VFD.  Thank you to this organization.  We had an excellent event including the provided meal. 
Also at the Hall of Fame Banquet we presented several other awards.   We provided an award for the record high women’s series and the record high average for both the men and women.  I need to take a moment to thank all in the association who provided information helpful to determining both the women’s record high average and high series. 
Kevin Richardson set the new men’s record high average at 245.26.  The previous record was set in the 2005-2006 season by Hall of Fame member Tom Fry at 241.27.  Congratulations Kevin.
The women’s record high average and record high series were set by the same person, Christina Huttinger.  In the 2011-2012 season, Christina averaged 217.  In the 2009-2010 season she shot the high series at 778.  Congratulations Christina.  The awards are presented by Brian Bruce second vice president.

Back when I was a kid, Wheaties was the big breakfast cereal.  Wheaties tag line was, “Wheaties, the breakfast of champions!”  This breakfast cereal immortalized some of the biggest names in sports by placing the athlete’s picture on the Wheaties box.  When an athlete showed up on the box, they knew they “made it”. 
20 some years ago one of our Hall of Fame members started a Butler Area USBC tradition.  Dwight (Dee) Crowe started putting the pictures of our Hall of Fame inductees on Wheaties boxes thus indicating the bowler “Made it”.  Thank you, Dee! 


Here are the pictures of this year’s inductees receiving their custom Wheaties boxes.   Master of Ceremonies Bob Cupp presents awards to Donna Evans, Mike Hilliard, and Mike Rouda.  Congratulations inductees, you "MADE IT."


Youth Information:
We are currently hosting our Youth Doubles tournament at Belmont II lanes with spots available for both squads Sunday November 19. The applications are available on the website. This tournament is open to all USBC youth bowlers. This is our first year opening our youth events to bowlers outside of the Butler Area USBC. We are getting a great response with bowlers traveling from Erie, Pittsburgh, and Weirton, WV to name a few.
The results from our Youth Team tournament are on the website. Visit Butler Area Tournaments | Butler Area USBC (
Future Youth Tournaments:
The singles tournament is January 7th and 14th at Sherwood Lanes. This is open to all USBC Youth bowlers.
The Adult/Youth tournament is February 14th at Family Bowlaway. At least one bowler must be on a Butler Area USBC league roster (either adult or youth).
We are also bringing back the Bowl with Butler's Best tournament. Any USBC youth bowler is welcome to bowl with some of the best adult bowlers in the Butler Area. The youth will randomly be assigned to bowl with these adults. This event will take place on February 25th at Sherwood Lanes.
Please check the website for additional information for these tournaments as it becomes available.
Upcoming Tournament:
The first tournament of the year is the Singles Tournament.  This year it is being held at Family Bowlaway.  There is one more weekend for the singles tournament, Sunday 11/19 at 9:30am and 1:30pm.  Applications are in your local bowling center and at BUTLER AREA (
The Over/Under 50 Tournament will return for it’s second time.  It will be held on Sunday, December 10, 2023 with the start time at 10:30am at Sherwood Lanes.  Visit the tournament page for information and applications will be posted soon.
Coach’s Tip:
Consistency is the name of the game in bowling.  Many bowlers believe they are consistent, and mostly they are.  Have you ever had one of those nights where you were certain that your release was right, you hit your mark, but couldn’t get a good ball reaction.  Have you considered that you maybe drifted on the approach?  Here’s a suggestion:  we all know where we start on the approach.  We pick a board and make sure that is where we start.  Have you ever looked at your slide foot after you released the ball?  Are you ending on the board you started on, or are you 2-3-4-5 boards off?  Drifting is ok, as long as you’re consistent.  If you drift 4 boards from your starting board every time you will be OK.  What happens if you complete your throw on a different board?  The illustration below shows what happens when you drift 2 boards and still hit your mark. 
Always look at your slide foot after you release the ball.  This way you will know for certain if the ball crossed your mark the right way. 


Spotlight Bowling Center:
I said last month that I would do better this month.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the information for a spotlight bowling center.  My apologies….
Meet the Board:
Name: Thomas Bissett
Position on the Board:  Director, Tournament Funds Committee Chair, Tournament Committee member
Years on the Board: 4
Years Bowling: 30
Current Leagues and Averages: City TenPin League (Sherwood) 200, Armco C (Sherwood) 212
Bowling Accomplishments: 300 Game, 763 Series, 7-10 Split
Fondest Memory of Bowling: Learning to bowl with my Dad.
Why do I serve on the Board? I enjoy promoting the game of bowling and to pass on all that I love and what the game has given to me.
Name:  Mike Coyle
Position on the Board:            Director – Legislative Committee Chair - Newsletter Author
Years on the Board: 32 years continuous service
Years Bowling: I started bowling at age 12, so that would be 58 years.
Current Leagues and Average: I normally bowl in both the Strikes and Spares and the Hardwood Café` Leagues.  This year because of heart surgery, I am unable to bowl.  I’ll be back next year though!
Bowling Accomplishments:  I am a so-so bowler.  My high game is 290.  That night I did have 18 strikes in a row, but over two games.  My high series was 787, shot in one of our Association Singles Tournaments, which I won.  In 2005 I was inducted into the Butler Area USBC Hall of Fame.  In 2021 I was inducted into the Pennsylvania State USBC Hall of Fame.  I was inducted into both halls of fame for meritorious service, not for my bowling ability.
Why do you serve on the Butler Area USBC board?  For me it’s all about community.  I am a lifelong Butler resident and love this area.  The more we can do to promote our home, the better we all will be.  When I first started on the board, the Butler County Bowling Association was, for the first time, attempting to secure the right to host a state level tournament.  I wanted to be a part of that.  We worked very hard and hosted a very successful tournament.  We attracted over 15,000 people to visit Butler County during the first tournament.  We have subsequently hosted 3 more tournaments with varying degrees of success.  The bottom line, because of my involvement with the Butler Area USBC, we have attracted approximately 50,000 visitors (and their money) to experience all we have to offer in Butler County.
Name:  Val Jean Coyle                     
Position on the Board:            Director                                  
Years on the Board: Since the USBC merger.  I was a member of the Butler WIBC board for 10 plus years.
Years Bowling: 50 plus years
Current Leagues and Average: Rebel’s Tuesday night league with a 131 average and Thursday Night Hardwood Café with a 121 average.
Bowling Accomplishments: All Events Champion in WIBC.  Tim Kelly Memorial Award recipient in 2009-2010 season (Hall of Fame).
Fondest Memory of bowling: I have bowled in several leagues, and I enjoy meeting new people.  I have bowled in local and State and National tournaments.  I have served as a delegate to the national and state conventions for many years. I have served on state committees for the Pennsylvania State USBC conventions.
Why do you serve on the Butler Area USBC board? I like to promote the sport of bowling.  I enjoy new league members and I like to support their efforts to become better bowlers.  I like to participate in the activities of the board.  I have helped with the four state tournaments that were held in Butler.

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