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In this newsletter:

  • Annual Membership Meeting

  • Hall of Fame

  • Tournament Results

  • Coach’s Tips

  • New Tournament

  • High Scores

Annual Membership Meeting:
Each year the local association is required to hold a general meeting for the entire membership.  At this meeting all members will have both voice and vote as proposals are forwarded to change the associations bylaws, and to elect 1/3 of the members to the Board of Directors.  This meeting will be held at Family Bowlaway on April 26 at 7:00pm.  At present there are several vacancies on the board, some of which are open for election at this year’s annual meeting.  If interested in being elected to the board, one must be 14 years old or older, and be a member of the USBC living in the jurisdiction of the Butler Area USBC. 
There will be 3 legislative proposals presented for membership acceptance.  A separate newsletter will be sent with all of the membership meeting information included.
Hall of Fame:
Once again this year we will be electing bowlers to our Hall of Fame.  The voting members are all Hall of Fame members and the Board of Directors.  A meeting will be held before the membership meeting on April 26th.  Unfortunately, I have not been given a meeting time.  Watch for the email for the membership meeting.  The information will be posted then.
Tournament Results:
Please visit the Tournament Page see the All-Events standings for both scratch and handicap divisions. Thank you to everyone who participated in all three of the county tournaments this season.

Coach’s Tips:
In January’s newsletter Coach Jim Hepler stated, “These are very important to helping you build a better game. I always say if you want to get somewhere (aka the pocket) you must know where you started from. Using the dots on the approach will give you that consistent start spot.”
I’ve had people come up to me stating I’m hitting my mark, but I can’t consistently hit the pocket – why???  Hopefully I can shed some light on the problem.  
Geometry tells us that it takes two points to make a straight line.  Hitting your mark is one point, while where you put the ball down on the lane is the other point.  If you are one or two inches one way or the other where you put the ball down, that will change the direction of the ball across your mark.  For example:  a bowler targets the second arrow, and the ideal lay down point is the ten board, the ball creates the ideal straight line.  Now if the same bowler moves two boards left with the laydown point, now the twelve board instead of the ten board and again hits the second arrow the ball will still roll in a straight line, but will be 6 or more inches to the right of the intended line down lane.

The black line is the intended line, while the red line, even though it passed through the second arrow, you can see how far it is off down lane.  After your ball crosses your target, look down to determine where you finished at the line.  I hope this helps....

New Tournament:
Since the Over/Under 50 Tournament was such a success, we are introducing a new tournament based on the Over/Under 50 Tournament format, however, this tournament will be a Mixed Doubles Tournament.  Teams consist of 2 bowlers – one must be male, and one must be female.  The tournament is scheduled for 10:30am April 2 at Sherwood Lanes.  There is a first place of $1000 based on a full squad.  The entry fee is $90 per team.  Applications are in your local bowling centers.

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