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Jeff Suchonic


Jeff Suchonic

Jeff Suchonic is being recognized for his Superior Bowling Ability.

Jeff Suchonic has been a member of the Butler County Bowling Association for over 30 years, having participated in 10-15 leagues. He has served as President of the Meridian Couples League and Vice President of the Casino League.

Suchonic’s accomplishments include a high average of 224, eight 300 games, five 299 games, and ten 11 in a row. In addition, he has rolled five 800 series including 801, 806, 837, 856, and 833. During the 856 series, Suchonic rolled 33 of 36 strikes.

Suchonic was the winner of the Troy Alan Open in 2006 and the Grizzly Cub in 2008. He also finished runner-up in the 2002 WBUT Radio Tournament. During the WBUT Radio Tournament, he bowled record high qualifying scores of 824 for a three game series and a four game series of 1062. Suchonic’s successes in Butler County Tournaments include Singles Scratch Champion in 2006, Mixed Team Champion for seven straight years, Tema Champion in 2006, Singles Handicap Champion, and No Bowl Singles Champion in 2008.

Suchonic lives in Butler with his wife, Lisa. They have two children, Kristi and Brea.

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